MonetaMoneta is a Russian-based e-wallet company. The e-wallet was only for Russian-speaking countries when it started out. Today, many Russian and non-Russian speaking people are using the e-wallet as one of the preferred payment methods in online casinos.

Moneta payments are almost instantaneous. This digital wallet also has a slew of security measures that protect your money.

Explore Moneta as payment method

Moneta opened its doors in 2005. The company quickly became one of the country’s most used e-wallet service. This is due to the many shops and establishments that accept the payment option. The popularity of the e-wallet has other people in Russian-speaking countries to sign up for one.

One of the reasons why many are using Moneta than other e-wallet companies in the middle of 2000 is due to the many deposit agencies. Anyone can just make a deposit in these buildings to add money to his e-wallet. Today, you can use credit cards and other payment options to add funds to your wallet.

Signing up for an account is easy and free. Within minutes, you can create a Moneta e-wallet. Even if the wallet is the free version and not the authenticated one which is only available to Russian residences, you only need the free version to use in online and Bitcoin casinos. Some of the online casinos that accept Moneta are Red Flush Casino and Jetbull Casino.

To use your e-wallet in any casino, simply go through the cashier or the portion of the site that has the option to make a deposit or withdrawal. From here, just pick the e-wallet by the name. Enter the necessary info as well as the amount you want to send to the casino. Once done, you are free to use the funds on any of the games on the site.

Taking out your bankroll and transferring it to your e-wallet is also the same process. Just find the name of the e-wallet in the withdrawal section. Enter the needed info on the site and the amount you want to take out.

Benefits of using Moneta

A Moneta wallet is always secure. This is thanks to an optional password that you can use. Think of the password as another set of the key that will help slow down anyone trying to illegally get into your wallet. Since it is optional, you can also turn this feature off at any time.

The wallet is a great workaround for Bitcoin casinos that do not allow you to take out your bankroll in the digital currency form. You can use your e-wallet to transfer your funds from the casino. If you want to turn it back into the digital currency, you can use an exchange site that accepts the e-wallet.