NetellerNeteller is one of the most preferred payment method in many casinos. The company has built a name for itself ever since it launched in 1999.

Neteller offers many benefits to any online casino players. One of which is the option add money to a casino without using any credit cards.

Background info

Since 1999, people have been using Neteller to add money to their bankroll. Every year, over a billions dollar worth of money goes through the company. People across 200 countries around the world are using the e-wallet service.

Neteller is essentially an online wallet that you can use to add funds to your casino account. Much like a wallet in the real world, you will need to transfer money to your online wallet before you can make any kind of purchase. You can transfer money to your wallet through the use of a bank deposit or credit card.

The most notable way to add money to your online wallet is through Bitcoin. This very important for many punters that owns the digital currency. Many online casinos are still on the fence on whether to accept the digital coin or not. Others are not planning on including this option on the website at any point in the future at all. Thanks to the e-wallet, Bitcoin owners can finally use the digital currency to play Bitcoin slot games and other casino games.

It is important to note that there is a fee that comes with the use of Neteller. One of which is the deposit fee when you add money to your online wallet. Credit card payments have a deposit fee of 2.25% to 4.95%. Bitcoin casino deposits on the other hand are only 1%. You can avoid paying any fees if you use a bank transfer or international bank transfer when adding money to your wallet.


One of the benefits of using Neteller is to avoid using a credit card when playing in a casino. There is often a risk of someone stealing your credit card info when you use the card in any website. Fortunately, you can add money to your e-wallet without using your card.

The e-wallet also offers a bonus system for using its money transfer service. You can get 10 Net Points for every $1 you send to a casino. You can turn these points into actual money if you can gather enough of it.