PaysafecardPaysafecard is a prepaid money card that lets you directly add funds to an online casino. Many players choose this as a preferred payment method due to how easy it is to use.

The prepaid card offers a unique benefit that you cannot find in certain e-wallets and other payment option. This benefit comes from skipping steps that involve signing up to any services.

Background info

During the early period of the internet, people need to own a credit card in order to buy anything from an online shop. Of course, it is not easy to just sign up for a card. People will need to get a good credit rating first before he can qualify for one. On the other hand, some that have a good credit rating will refuse to sign up for a card. This is due to fear of someone stealing the card info and using it for ill intent.

This is where Paysafecard comes in. The prepaid card allows you to pay for most things online without a credit card. Paysafecard is one of the few ways that allows a person to add funds to a Bitcoin casino even without the needed credit rating. Thanks to the prepaid card, there is no credit card info for anyone to steal. You can be sure to feel safe in playing at any gambling site thanks to the prepaid card.

Obtaining a Paysafecard is as simple as buying anything from a store. In fact, you simply visit any retail store that is selling the prepaid card and buy one. With the card at hand, you just use the 16 digit pin on the card to add the funds to a casino. There are no forms to fill up, no documents you have to submit, and no waiting period just to send money to your bankroll.


As a prepaid card, there are certain limitations to the Paysafecard. For one, you cannot use it to withdraw your money to a card. The prepaid card does not have any account or online wallet for you to transfer the money to. A good way to alleviate this problem is to have an e-wallet such as Skrill. E-wallets are where you can withdraw your funds to when you want to take your bankroll out of a casino.

Not all casinos accept a Paysafecard. A good way around this problem is to use an e-wallet service that accepts the prepaid card. Neteller is one company that accepts this card as its deposit method. If you want to use your card in a Bitcoin casino, you can buy some digital currency in an exchange which you can use in the online Bitcoin casino.