BitPay | Debit Card Guide For Crypto Casino Players

Their slogan is simple: “Load with crypto. Spend with dollars. Get cash back.” If you want to be paid in real currency rather than in Bitcoin or other crypto coins, maybe BitPay will work perfectly for you. We’ve digested everything you need to know in our guide below!

What Is BitPay?

bitpay card review

BitPay is a well-respected virtual currency processor that supports direct bank deposits in at least 38 countries. The BitPay Wallet is also considered one of the most popular crypto wallets across all 50 US states.

Founded in 2011, BitPay fostered the same ambition as other crypto wallets/Bitcoin exchanges – to become one of the most popular crypto trading websites on the market. Considering that we and plenty of other gambling affiliate sites continue to talk about it, it’s safe to say this company accomplished what it set out to do.

In the online gambling world, BitPay is one of the most widely supported crypto payment methods. In fact, their website features a guide on how to start crypto gambling, which goes to show just how far-reaching this crypto wallet is.

What Is BitPay Mastercard?

Due to the growing interest in integrating cryptocurrency into the real world, BitPay has introduced its prepaid Mastercard with the purpose of instantly converting cryptocurrency into fiat currency. Not only that, but you can also use your BitPay Card for online transactions and ATM withdrawals.

Using the BitPay Mastercard is possible as long as Mastercard is accepted. This adheres to BTC and fiat-only casinos as well. Overall, it’s a great solution for players who enjoy online casinos that don’t accept cryptocurrency or prefer not to rely on regular bank debit cards.

BitPay Card Supports 10+ cryptocurrencies

binance us dollar busd Binance USD (BUSD)
bitcoin btc Bitcoin (BTC)
bitcoin cash bch Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
dai Dai (DAI)
dogecoin doge Dogecoin (DOGE)
ethereum eth Ethereum (ETH)
gemini dollar Gemini Dollar (GUSD)
litecoin ltc Litecoin (LTC)
pax dollar Pax Dollar (USDP)
ripple xrp Ripple (XRP)
shibu inu Shiba Inu (SHIB)
usd coin USD Coin (USDC)
wrapped bitcoin Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC)

How to Apply for a BitPay Card

To apply for a BitPay Card, follow these steps:

  1. Create a BitPay account. Access your account through your PC browser or through the BitPay App and find the Card option.
  2. Select between a physical or virtual Debit Card.
  3. Use the virtual card instantly. To access the new virtual prepaid debit card, users can simply use their BitPay app or BitPay website and select the virtual card option.
  4. Creating a physical debit card requires paying a fee of $10 and waiting for the card to arrive. Submitting a delivery address when creating a BitPay Card is also required.​

How Do I Deposit Or Withdraw Money?

The following options for depositing or withdrawing money from your card are available:

Funding options

  • BitPay app
  • BitPay website
  • Digital and hardware crypto wallets

Note: You can load up to $10,000 a day for a maximum card balance of $25,000 for larger purchases.

Withdraw options

  • Make purchases with the card
  • ATM withdrawal for $2.50 per transaction
  • Spend through Google or Apple Pay

Advantages and Disadvantages of BitPay Debit Card

A crypto debit card is a good choice for online gambling. Here are some cases where it has the upper hand:


Accepts multiple cryptocurrencies – Many cryptos are created for specific purposes, such as having more privacy or faster transaction times. BitPay crypto credit card recognizes that it makes sense to split up crypto tokens into multiple wallets.


Easy to top up – Whether you are using a virtual debit card or a physical plastic card, all you have to do is open up the App, click a few times and your BitPay debit card will be ready for more online casino games.


No credit check required – Since the BitPay card is a prepaid debit card, you won’t have to have to do a credit check before you get a card issued. Cash is loaded directly from a user’s wallet and signing up for one won’t impact your credit score.


No conversion fees – One thing that often upsets crypto users is how much conversion fees cost when turning crypto into fiat currency. Users can handle all conversions with a BitPay Debit Card for free.


Spend crypto on anything – Your virtual crypto card can buy anything inside or outside the digital world. As long as the store accepts Mastercard cards, you’ll be able to use the BitPay debit card.


Enhanced security – The card comes with enhanced security features thanks to its blockchain nature. You get all the security features you would from a regular Mastercard in addition to the benefits of crypto debit cards (blockchain security).


Supports Apple Pay – Apple Pay is a very popular payment method for iOS users. In fact, some online casinos have also started accepting Apple Pay so this is a very welcome feature.

No card is without shortcomings and BitPay debit card is no exception. Here are some of the caveats that users should be aware of:


Foreign currency fee – All transactions made using the card are done using USD. However, if users are conducting transactions in other currencies (such as EUR, GBP, and other fiat currencies). Users are charged 3% transaction fee for any such transaction.


Inactivity fee – If users don’t use their card for over 90 days, the card automatically deactivates and a fee is required for reactivation. While a $5 reactivation fee doesn’t sound like a lot, it’s still an annoying fee that’s not very user-friendly.


No rewards and no credit score build – One of the reasons users decide to get a Bitcoin debit card is the benefits. Things like cash back, credit score builds and rewards are great examples. Sadly a BitPay card offers no such rewards.

Using BitPay Card at Bitcoin Casinos

It is not uncommon to find online Bitcoin casinos that directly support BitPay crypto wallets. This company has always been user-friendly when it comes to online gambling. With a BitPay card, users can play at all crypto and non-crypto online casinos that support Mastercards. The best thing about this entire process is that no banks are involved.

With a BitPay card, players can get the best of both worlds: worldwide acceptance and cryptocurrency anonymity.

Place Bitcoin Sports Bets Directly from a Crypto Wallet

Many legitimate sportsbooks and online betting sites allow users to place bets directly from their crypto wallet. Take your favorite coins, choose your bets, and make it rain. The only prerequisite for placing your bets and storing your winnings is a safe and secure crypto wallet. The BitPay wallet uses industry-leading security features and is a non-custodial wallet. This means you, and only you, have access to your funds.

Instead of pulling funds from your bank account, you load up the card from any compatible crypto wallet within the BitPay app.

Use the BitPay card to place bets with your favorite online sportsbooks and betting apps. Load or spend up to $10,000 per day with the card. You can even take cash out from any ATM to use at casinos or in-person betting locations.

How to Place Sports Bets Using Cryptocurrency

  1. Create and access your crypto wallet.
  2. Buy your preferred coins (you can use a credit card to buy crypto in the BitPay app).
  3. Pick your online sports betting site that accepts cryptocurrency.
  4. Place your bets.

The Benefits of Using BitPay For Online Gambling

  • Speed: Bitcoin transactions are confirmed by the network. On average, it takes ten minutes to settle them, allowing users to start playing within minutes of funding an account.
  • Lower costs: There are no wire transfer fees, credit card fees, or interest.
  • Large deposit options: BitPay-funded accounts aren’t subject to limits.
  • Borderless transactions: Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies can be sent anywhere in the world in minutes.

How Does BitPay Benefit Online Gaming Operators?

  • Potential to expand the user base. Tap into a large and growing number of BitPay and cryptocurrency users who may be delighted to learn that you are now accepting Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.
  • Lower costs. BitPay charges a flat 1% transaction fee paid either by online gaming operators or passed on to their users.
  • Elimination of chargebacks. Bitcoin transactions are pushed by the sender rather than pulled by the receiver (like a merchant pulls money out of your bank account to settle a purchase), eliminating the risk of the payer claiming a payment was unauthorized.
  • Global operations. Accounts can be funded with cryptocurrency from anywhere in the world, without banks or any other third party.

Gambling Responsibly

Despite cryptocurrency being digital, treat gambling with crypto the same way you would with traditional money.

Refrain from giving the keys to your crypto wallet to anyone! The BitPay wallet is non-custodial. In other words, only you have access. If your keys are lost, stolen, or destroyed, BitPay won’t be unable to restore your access.

Lastly, gamble with what you’re willing to lose. Set your gambling limits and stick to them.

User Reviews

what is the best bitcoin casino bitcoin casino reviews

What they like best

Overall, this is an excellent crypto debit card. There are no fees to load the card with crypto. The funds are available instantly after initiating the transaction, enabling users to load at least $1000 at a time. It boasts high ATM limits as well.

The app itself is pretty easy to use, facilitating a seamless purchase of Bitcoin. The fact that you can link your cards with the app for purchase makes it pretty cool.

What they dislike

Users don’t like the fact that there are no partnered/no-fee ATM networks. Some suggest that integrating BitPay with one of the free ATM networks like MoneyPass would ensure the service is much more economical.

Also, it has been noted that the strict KYC requirements are too tough when it comes to adding sources of payment.

BitPay Card Review Summary

A BitPay Debit Card is a great choice for crypto enthusiasts who like to gamble at regular online casinos. While it’s true that the BitPay Card fees can be annoying and the card itself doesn’t offer any crypto rewards, the benefits outweigh the caveats. This is a great debit card to have in various settings, crypto online casinos included.

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