Wirex lets you enjoy online and offline shopping through its Bitcoin debit card. Get the plastic or virtual Wirex Bitcoin debit card to pay using cryptos.

Wirex is a company that aims to bring convenience to its clients by offering a wallet, exchange, and Bitcoin debit cards. The company also lets you send money locally and across the globe. The reason why the company made these products and services is to make sure that you will continue using cryptocurrencies.

More so, the Wirex payment card is created for clients to buy goods from local stores and be able to withdraw funds. You can also use the card to store your coins from Bitcoin casinos.

How to get a Wirex card

Once you have finally realized how beneficial it is to have a card, you can now create a Wirex account. The card is free that is why you do not have to worry about your budget. Then, you will choose your cards, either virtual or plastic. If you choose the virtual card, you can immediately use it after you register. On the other hand, getting a plastic card requires shipping before you can actually use it. Nonetheless, these cards are both useful in your everyday life.

After that, you can now fund your card. You just link your Wirex wallet to your card and you can instantly transfer cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. This can be beneficial if you wish to move the earnings that you got from Bitcoin dice and crypto slots. Not only that, you can also transfer funds to your bank or any online payment methods. Lastly, enjoy the wallet as much as you can; no need to worry about limits.

Wirex cards: plastic vs virtual

The first question that you need to answer before you get the card is the card type: is it plastic or virtual? These two cards are different in terms of benefits. That is why before you decide which to get, find out their advantages.

The plastic card is a physical card that you can use to buy goods from local stores and online stores. You can also use this card to withdraw from any ATM as long as the machine accepts Visa. This card is handy and convenient, too. Another benefit is that it has an advanced app security and PIN. If you are interested, you can order this card right away.

On the other hand, the virtual card is essential for online shopping. It also accepts different crypto and fiat currencies. Compared with the physical card, the virtual card is instantly issued and free. You no longer have to wait for the card to arrive.

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