Nexo Bitcoin Debit Card | Guide For Crypto Casino Players

A Wirex debit card is a great way for crypto users to play at fiat-only casinos. This card makes the process of turning crypto funds into fiat currency a lot easier. In fact, Wirex is one of the first-ever crypto wallets to offer a visa debit card to its customers.

What is a Wirex Card?

A Wirex crypto debit card is a Visa debit card that is liked to your Wirex account. The debit card can convert most cryptocurrencies into fiat currency without users needing to access their App. Instead, users can select which currencies they wish to use on their debit card, and Wirex will convert it for them.

In a sense, a Wirex card works just like any bank credit or debit card except it’s not linked to any actual bank. When it comes to online gambling, this card is a great choice for crypto users, especially since it provides easy access to all fiat online casinos. This way they can enjoy all the benefits of non-crypto casinos without involving their bank.

Their crypto wallet was first launched in 2014 and has managed to become a popular choice for crypto trading since then, particularly in the USA. The debit card is also only available in the USA (in all 50 states).

The Wirex crypto exchange platform has always been a great choice for crypto gambling. Its debit card is also a great choice for fiat online casinos, especially for users who don’t want to get banks involved.

How to Apply for a Wirex Card?

  1. Create a Wirex crypto wallet and finish the confirmation and the KYC.
  2. Buy cryptocurrency using your new account (or send funds to your account from elsewhere).
  3. Open your Wirex app on your smartphone (or on your PC) and navigate over to the Debit Card section.
  4. Apply for the debit card (check availability on the Help Center page).
  5. Once the application process is complete, you will receive a virtual Wirex Visa card which you can access on your phone.

Optional: You can also request a plastic card. This requires a fee and users need to wait a couple of days (weeks) for the card to arrive

How to deposit or withdraw funds with a Wirex Card

Wirex users can use the following methods to transfer or receive funds:

Funding options

  • Wirex App
  • Wirex website
  • Transfer funds from a different crypto wallet

Withdrawal options

  • Spend crypto to buy digital goods and services
  • ATM withdrawals
  • Using Google Pay and Apple Pay (may not work in all regions)

Advantages of Wirex Debit Card

  • More than 50 cryptocurrencies accepted – It is common for crypto debit cards to only accept a small number of currencies. The debit card accepts more than 50 cryptocurrencies.
  • Instant crypto rewards – Users who use X-points can earn rewards in form of cashback. Wirex users can earn up to 8% cashback through this method.
  • Extremely secure – A Wirex debit card (as well as the wallet) is one of the most secure ways to trade using crypto. Among standard security features, users can also store their cryptocurrency in cold storage wallets.
  • No withdrawal fees on ATMs – Users can enjoy atm withdrawals without any additional fees.

Disadvantages of Wirex Debit Card

There are also a few disadvantages to owning a Wirex Debit Card:

  • Crypto rewards only work with X-points – To get cashback rewards, users have to use Wirex’s own cryptocurrency called X points.
  • High exchange fees when converting cryptocurrency into fiat currencies – While there are zero exchange fees for turning one crypto into another, turning crypto into fiat is an expensive process.
  • Not a lot of perks compared to the competition – Other crypto debit cards may give you more features than the Wirex Debit Card (mostly security-related features).

Wirex Card for Bitcoin Casinos

The Wirex wallet is already known for being very friendly with crypto casinos. Users have been able to successfully transfer crypto funds to online casinos and vice-versa without many issues ever since the wallet first launched. With the debit card, players can gain access to casinos that only support the traditional currency. The multicurrency Wirex card can be used on almost all casinos, both crypto, and fiat.

Unlike traditional debit cards, the debit card is not linked to any bank account. This means that users won’t leave a paper trail from their bank to the online casino and vice versa. This crypto debit card can also be used in brick-and-mortar casinos.

Wirex Card for Sports Betting

The Wirex wallet is also a popular choice when it comes to sports betting websites. This crypto wallet, while not directly supported, can easily be used to send funds to and from sports betting websites. This works great for crypto sports betting websites.

Sports betting websites that don’t support digital currency can also accept the Wirex debit card. The crypto card is accepted at any sports betting online platform that accepts Visa cards. Users can enjoy placing bets with their new card without involving their banks.

Wirex Bitcoin debit card supports 16 cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies

aud Australian dollars (AUD)
cad Canadian dollars (CAD)
chf Swiss franks (CHF)
czk Czech koruna (CZK)
eur Euro (EUR)
gbp British pound sterling (GBP)
hkd Hong kong dollar (HKD)
jpy Japanese yen (JPY)
mxn Mexican peso (MXN)
sgd Singapore dollar (SGD)
bitcoin btc Bitcoin (BTC)
litecoin ltc Litecoin (LTC)
ripple xrp Ripple (XRP)
ethereum eth Ethereum (ETH)
wxt Wirex token (WXT)
dai Dai (DAI)

Is Wirex Card safe to use?

Yes, Wirex Card is safe to use. The wallet Launched in 2014 and has since then served millions of customers. Wirex launched a few years after their wallet was released. It has also proved to be a reliable visa card. The crypto card tracks all your transactions so you can always know exactly where your money was spent. There are also several security features, such as the ability to instantly freeze the debit card.

How to place sports bets using a debit card?

Follow these simple steps to start placing bets using your new card:

  1. Create a Wirex wallet account and complete the verification (and the KYC).
  2. Deposit some cryptocurrency on the latest crypto wallet (either buy it directly from the app itself or transfer funds from a different source).
  3. Pick an online sports betting platform that accepts crypto (or a Visa card if you have a Wirex card).
  4. Start placing bets with your new wallet/card.

The Benefits of Using Wirex in Online Gambling

  • Fast transactions – Using traditional payment for making deposits and especially withdrawals can take time. Using cryptocurrencies is a much faster method of receiving and sending funds from the casino to the player and vice versa.
  • Lower fees – When using payment methods such as (bank-issued) debit cards and bank transfers, online casinos may include transfer fees. With a crypto wallet, the only fees that users need to worry about are gas fees (fees that are paid to crypto miners for processing transactions. Gas fees are very low when compared to transfer fees of other payment methods.
  • Additional payment methods – A crypto wallet allows users to deposit funds at online casinos using various different payment methods. Each wallet can hold many different types of cryptocurrencies and each of them acts as a different payment method.
  • Better security – Crypto wallets are famous for their security and Wirex is no different. As long as users remember not to share their private data with anyone else.

How do online gaming operators benefit from accepting cryptocurrencies?

There are many reasons why gaming operators are always encouraging users to use cryptocurrency instead of fiat currency. Here are a few of those reasons:

  • Crypto payment methods cost less – Having a payment platform for many fiat currencies can be expensive. Unlike fiat payments, having a working crypto payment method really inexpensive.
  • More payment methods mean more users – Gaming operators automatically open doors to more users by implementing crypto. Crypto users like online casino games so it makes sense for casinos to let them use their preferred payment method.
  • No chargeback – One of the trickiest things with cryptocurrency is that there is no way to reverse or stop a transaction once it’s begun. This is great for online gaming operators but not so great for users who may accidentally send more funds than they initially wanted to. Always double-check all your deposit details before you send them when using crypto.
  • Accepted everywhere around the world – Many fiat payment methods are only available in certain parts of the world. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are universal. Almost anyone in the world can get them and use them in the same way. This makes it an ideal currency when running a global online gaming platform.

Gamble Responsibly with Wirex Card

Using cryptocurrency (even cryptocurrency from a credit card) does have its risks. Here are a few tips to help you avoid getting scammed and overspending.

  • Keep your passphrase safe – Every crypto wallet, including the Wirex wallet, has its unique key phrase. This is a list of randomly generated words that make up your wallet address. Anyone who has access to these words, essentially, has access to your wallet. Never give out your key phrase for whatever reason.
  • Always double-check where you are sending crypto – Once you send your crypto, there is nothing you can do to get them back. Banks can halt transactions or issue chargebacks but this simply isn’t possible with cryptocurrency. Because of this, always make sure you double (or triple) check if you are sending your funds to the right address.
  • Set spending limits for online gaming – A lot of crypto users go on a spending spree once they start using crypto. This is especially true when it comes to online gambling. Make sure you set your spending limit so you can avoid any unnecessary frustrations.

User Reviews

What users like best

Many users praise Wirex for its transaction speed. Users are generally happy with how the app works and how fast transferring funds between the wallet and the debit card is seamless.

What users dislike

Some users have had issues when transferring money from their Wirex accounts to bank accounts. According to such users, the transaction takes more than 24 hours, which is a lot longer than other crypto wallets. Some users have also had smaller issues with Wirex customer support.


If you wish to have a debit card with all the benefits of a crypto wallet then a Wirex card is a great choice. This crypto card is a great choice for online gambling as well as shopping in general. The few issues the card does have fail in comparison to the benefits it brings.

Thank you for reading our review on Wirex Card and we hope we have helped you with making your decision!

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