Interview with Abhijit Pattanaik, Co-Founder & Chief Gaming Officer of Playtonia

Abhijit Pattanaik

Co-Founder & Chief Gaming Officer of Playtonia

We’ve had the opportunity to talk to Abhijit Pattanaik. Both a pro-level gamer and an industry gem with six years of expertise, he is the co-founder of Playtonia and functions as the Chief Gaming Officer.

Please introduce yourself and the vision of Playtonia.


I’m Abhijit Pattanaik, Co-Founder & Chief Gaming Officer of Playtonia. I am basically a Techie guy who worked in the IT Sector for 6 years at various companies and as well I was a pro-level gamer by passion back then. I always give more importance to 3 things in my life (Family, Friends, and Gaming). After getting experience from servers and networking, I thought of utilizing it for the betterment of gaming. That’s where Playtonia came to the origin.

The vision of Playtonia is to accelerate global esports in a well-organized and ethical way and become a leading company in the esports industry across the Globe.

How did you end up in the company and what motivates you every day?


Since I loved gaming and had the technological experience, motivated me to help the gaming community and to provide community servers and platform to play. That’s made me start my own esports firm and that’s how Playtonia begins in the first place along with my childhood friend Sanupam Samantray by roping in our investors through him in 2016. Our love for sports, animation, design, and gaming led us to start Playtonia.

Passion, creativity, and hunger to bring something new to the Gaming & Esports industry is the key factor that keeps us driving the show. We would say my Playtonia Family is the source of motivation for me.

What markets are you focusing on and where your players come mostly from? What is their profile?


We wanted to take Esports to every sector in the market but our first point of focus would be on All electronic companies of electronic gadgets & accessories and of course, we partner with game publishing companies by providing their essential needs like gaming servers in Asia.

Our players would be mostly from the age group 16-36 and they would be either school or college going kids or techie guys or the PRO Level Gamers by profession.

What are the gamers’ main responsibilities while connecting and building communities?


Gamers are a wide and far spread community. There exist several genres and several series of games that have communities of their own, often divided by platform, geography, or other salient parameters. Often, one single game is big enough to have its own community while in other instances, gamers across various traits band together. And while the primary objective of a group is usually to help fellow gamers connect and talk about their love for the game, it does not take long for a few sour grapes to ruin the experience for everyone. Even if these elements are dealt with, a community probably never goes beyond being a discussion forum for their interests in their daily lives and that is when the gaming community came in to prove that there is much more to the term ‘community’ than just being an online group or a forum.

Healthy gaming communities do not flourish on their own, they have to be nurtured and grown. This responsibility to nourish, learning from others & teaching others of what they know, adapting themselves with others in the community becomes a habit and that makes things easy in their daily lives.

When the gaming community was first started, we had the sole objective of making a unique platform where gamers could connect with each other not only online but also befriend them in real life too. We wanted them to and have succeeded in not only making a community of gamers but rather a family of gamers.

Do you think that family-friendly esports might bring whole families in front of the TV as it is with national sports? Do you think that mobile esports will get as big as regular esports (big tournaments, huge price pools, etc.)?


There might not be all who have computers or laptops or any other gaming gadgets with them but almost everyone has a mobile with them.

And almost all the recent mobiles are designed exclusively for gaming which gives the gaming community a beautiful experience through Mobile gaming just as how they get in other gaming gadgets and computers so indeed the mobile gamers have grown to a phenomenal height at recent times which ultimately made us all in esports community introduce the mobile esports to the gaming community.

Mobile esports are going bigger just as the regular esports day by day and especially now at this pandemic situation due to COVID as increased the mobile gaming community in terms of numbers and so the mobile esports are happening almost everywhere now.

Do you believe that blockchain and crypto is the future for esports?


As we all know the world is going completely digital. The chances are higher for blockchain & crypto becoming a highly used digital resource universally in the coming days to come so when that happens, I’m sure blockchain & crypto would be the future of esports by that time.

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