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Interview with Gretta Kochkonyan, Head of Account Management at Endorphina

We had the amazing opportunity to talk to Gretta Kochkonyan, Head of Account Management at Endorphina, about their success in the iGaming industry, steps taken with regard to the coronavirus outbreak, her favorite Endorphina slots, and more!

Dear Gretta, please introduce yourself to our readers and tell us something more about your background.

My name is Gretta Kochkonyan, and I’m the Head of Account Management at Endorphina. I have a technical background, but I enjoy working within the accounting team. I was hooked by the mathematics and mechanics of the slots and that pulled me quite quickly into the industry.

How did you enter the iGaming industry and what can you tell us about your experience with Endorphina team so far? What are the challenges you are facing in the current situation and what are of course the numerous opportunities?

My iGaming career began when I was a regular Sales Manager on the aggregator’s side. After understanding and experiencing the market and competition, I decided to switch over to the provider’s side. I would like to point out a couple of challenges – first, we had to adapt our work to the clients’ processes which have changed due to the pandemic. Secondly, we did everything possible to prevent the situation from affecting our game releases. In general, we worked hard on capturing our players’ attention which shifted from betting on sports and offline casinos to the online slot games. We wanted to provide them with something they’d liked, and I think we quite succeeded in that!

How have you organized working from home, and can you share some tips for those that are struggling?

As we’re an IT-company, it wasn’t too hard for us to organize remote working. I’d say that our team is full of hardworking, eager and self-motivated people. We’ve been organizing weekly calls and are chatting online together all the time. We also had separated chats dedicated to each task/question, so that we could be sure we’ll find an answer to the question without spamming the group chat. And that was probably the best decision we’ve ever made. We’ve also organized a remote breakfast with the team a couple of times. It’s important to keep up with old habits during the quarantine.

What is your focus in terms of markets at the moment and are you considering going deeper into the emerging markets?

At this moment, Endorphina operations are regulated by Malta Gaming Authority and obtains a GLI and RNG licenses. With our games, we’ve gained a stable position within the big markets and we’re performing well everywhere. Our results are constantly growing. Currently, we’re looking forward to expanding our business to Belarus and Romania. Hopefully these countries will enjoy our games as much as the others do.

You had great success in the Spanish market, how is Latin America performing in your company portfolio?

We’ve situated ourselves well in the Latin American market and we’re doing our best to keep ourselves there. It’s a result of the combined efforts from our analysts, developers, account and marketing managers. We’ve analyzed what kind of mathematics, designs, and themes perform the best. For example, our slots 2020 HIT Slot, Football SuperStar, and Dia De Los Muertos have become huge hits in Latin America. So basically, it’s a matter of strategy and detailed analysis.

Can you share some exclusive news and new releases to expect in a short time period?

On the 13th of May, we’ve released the new game called Asgardians. It’s a new thunderous slot, inspired by Norse mythology with great graphics, free spins, and bonus pick features. Like all our crypto games beginning with the Book of Santa, it’s using our new engine WebGL, which opens new possibilities for mathematics, increases the loading speed, and makes the user experience even more comfortable overall. I can’t really reveal our plans, but for 2020, Endorphina has planned to bring a series of games that will be connected by a common theme that is trending in the pop-culture. Follow our social media pages to learn about our new projects first!

Taking into account the growing popularity of Bitcoin Casinos, what do you think the future holds for crypto?

The popularity of Bitcoin Casinos is indeed increasing. In particular, we’ve noticed that more players are doing bets with crypto in our slots. The success of any casino depends on correctly choosing the target market, the ways in which they operate and treat their users.

What does it take to be part of the Endorphina team, if you have to give an advice to someone who would like to send his CV?

We’re doing everything in-house, hence we have various specialists that need to cover the whole game creation process. Our team is mixed we welcome everyone from the different cultures, different ages, different experiences, which also becomes our advantage when it comes to the creative process.

I can assure you, that everyone who comes to work at Endorphina finds their inner creative gene and blossoms like flowers in spring. We are not called Endorphina for nothing, we really do bring positive emotions and vibes to people, and especially to those who work in the company. You can find the list of the latest vacancies on our website. Go for it!

What is your favorite Endorphina slot?

My ultimate favorite Endorphina slot is the Book of Santa. It brings me really comforting and nice memories from my childhood, the atmosphere of the warmth and coziness of my home during Christmas with the feeling of magic. As for the game, I just love all the details that were incorporated in there – the symbols, the music, the beautiful bonus games and all the festive lights. In general, I love games that have a high volatility because they are more unpredictable and riskier to play. You need to catch the right moment to increase your bet and it can potentially bring even greater wins. There’s a lot of adrenaline involved in the right crypto slots, and feeling these endorphins are what makes Endorphina special, after all.

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