Interview with Levon Nikoghosyan, CEO of PartnerMatrix

Levon Nikoghosyan

CEO of PartnerMatrix

Levon Nikoghosyan is the CEO of PartnerMatrix, the complete and essential affiliate and agent management system that helps in the creation, management, tracking, and analysis of online casino’s player acquisition programs.

PartnerMatrix is a well-known name in the industry, but if you still had to introduce it to a newcomer, what would be your “elevator pitch”?


PartnerMatrix gives you everything needed to start your affiliate journey: starting from the integrated payment system and finishing with every tool and features needed to track, analyze and set the campaign. So, in my elevator pitch, I would definitely include a complete set of tools, the best support you will ever get (including trainings, presentations, 24/7 support), and a personalized approach to every client. We know that every operator has its own interests and goals, and we try to offer what can really interest them.

You work with some of the biggest names in the online casino industry. What made you so successful?


Well, I think you can find the answer to this question in the previous answer. But I would especially like to emphasize the way we treat our clients. At the end of a day, their prosperity is directly correlated to our personal prosperity. To help our clients succeed, we dive into every single need they have, before an integration first we understand all the market aspects along with a client’s role in the market. In some cases, we provide consultancy, offer a list of some top affiliates in their niche, support them on any type of technical issues. Put all these parts together and you will build trust. And we value this trustable partnership very much and try to strengthen it in every possible way.

What is your best moment from ICE/LAC London and where is your next “industry” stop?


The best moment I’d recall is entering the venue for the first time. It is just thrilling to see how large the industry is and how many opportunities are there in front of you, with many fruitful partnership offers. I can’t mention anything precise about our next stop, probably IGB Affiliates, but I’ll leave it to Corona to say.

How do you see the potential in the crypto market?


The crypto market gives freedom both to operators and players. But at the same time, the market carries risks. Fraud attempts here are higher because of a lack of regulations. There are numerous cases of casinos cheating on their players, while players trying to cheat operators. But every year crypto gaming becomes more regulated, more trustable. Today we have popular and trustable platforms operating mostly in crypto, and it is obvious that the market is emerging and fast-growing. Yes, PartnerMatrix also allows operations with crypto, and we have many clients that entered the crypto market even after integration with us. This is another indicator of market potential: everyone is trying to get some portion of it.

Tell us something more about your client FortuneJack and the traffic campaigns


Well, I can’t say a lot about FortuneJack without sharing their secrets but what I’d like to mention is that FJ is the first client that came and said: “We need an affiliate system on crypto, can you assist us?”. We surely agreed, it took a ton of development and, as a result, you can see an awesome product. They opened a door to new opportunities, and this is doubly good because we became the first affiliate system to support commission payments in crypto. We are very happy to see their impressive exhibiting in different affiliate events we both attend and we are very lucky to have such an operator in our business family.

How are you seeing the future of the market for locations like Russia, Turkey, and Australia?


These countries have limited gambling markets. But still, there are plenty of gambling activities happening in these locations. You can find plenty of companies creating popular software, providing world-famous services. But you can’t put all three countries in one row. These are countries with different legislations and political ambitions. While you can predict some market relief in Australia, we have a completely different situation in the Russian market, which can become even more controlled by the state involving greater ban for B2C providers, especially those operating with cryptocurrency.

What is important, according to you, in terms of education so more and more players could join the iGaming crypto and blockchain space?


The benefits of using cryptocurrency are endless. But just going into it without taking risks into consideration is not the best idea. Understanding why Bitcoin and other currencies fluctuate is the number one priority in order to not lose your money. Also, the legislation in the cryptocurrency area is very immature and leads to many frauds. First, a player should make research on the company, its reputation, learn about legislation of the country, understand the mechanics of the crypto world. It is obvious that during 2020 the market will evolve and prosper, everyday new gambling sites start operating with crypto, so players should stay informed and prepared.

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