First Cagayan Leisure Resort Corporation

The First Cagayan Leisure Resort Corporation is a Philippine licensing body that allows operators to tap the booming gaming market in Asia. More info here.

The Philippines is one of the fastest-growing countries in Asia. This advancement applies to its gaming sector as well. In fact, gaming is one of the country’s highest sources of revenue. Visiting the country will give you a glimpse of different betting cafes and terminals for a long list of casino games. Active offshore online gaming sites are available as well.

Compared with other casino regulatory bodies, the Philippines features interesting laws for online and offline gaming. Here are the gaming laws that you must first take note before playing on Philippine-licensed betting sites, or before getting a license from the region.

Legality of Online Gaming in the Philippines

The country features interesting laws for online and offline gaming. There are no specific rules that ban its locals from betting. In fact, a court ruling in 2012 confirmed it is perfectly legal for players to access online betting sites, so long as they are offshore. On the other hand, they can access local land-based casinos. These betting hubs operate mostly under the laws of the Philippines Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR).

If you are an aspiring casino operator, you also have some set of rules to chew. It is legal to run an online betting site in the country. But local and foreign betting sites stand on different lines. The First Cagayan Leisure Resort Corporation or FCLRC, a gaming license body in the country, grants foreign online casinos the right to run their operations. Local operators can get a license as well, but it is illegal for them to offer their betting options to Filipinos.

Why Should You Get a Gaming License From the Philippines?

If you are a nonnative betting site operator, look no further than getting a license from FCLRC. Its region is the only betting area in the country that is not completely controlled by PAGCOR. It grants licenses to many independent casinos, online or offline. In fact, it is the only licensing body in Asia to do so.

The Philippines sets strict rules on granting a license. But getting one is a smart move, and worth the effort. In fact, it can help you expand your business into new borders. If you are a license holder, you will gain access to other parts of the booming Asian market.

Just take note of the requirements you need before getting the country’s seal of trust. You must settle the application fee, renewal fee, and more. In addition, all the games and systems should get an approval from the licensor.  To give you an idea, some of the popular casino games playable in the country are slots, table games, sports betting, poker, and more.

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