AstropayAstropay is one of the popular prepaid payment methods among the Latin American countries. The prepaid card is giving everyone another way to pay for anything online without a credit card ever since 1996.

As a prepaid card, Astropay has its limitations in terms of withdrawals. On the other hand, the card has its benefits for many players.

Astropay’s background

Astropay is a London-based company. Its customers are those in South America, such as Brazil and Mexico. The prepaid card is a great alternative for those who could not sign up for a credit card and those who refuse to use the cards in online fiat and Bitcoin casinos.

Astropay works like a debit card. To buy one, you will first need to sign up at the company’s website. Once you have an account, simply pick the prepaid card you want to buy. There are six denominations available which range from $25 to $500. To buy the card, you can send in your payment via direct debit or bank transfer. Certain areas allow you to do cash payments for the card. You will get your card info via email when the company confirms your payment.

Using the card is like using a debit card. When you are making a deposit to casinos like Omni Slots, simply enter the card info in the cashier. You will get the funds in your bankroll in just a short while.

It is important to note that there are limitations to the card. One of which is the absence of a withdrawal option. It is not possible to transfer your bankroll to the credit card. A good workaround is to use another method to transfer your funds. In the case of a Bitcoin casino, you can withdraw the funds to a digital wallet or a Neteller account.

Benefits of using Astropay

To sign up for a credit card, you will need to go through a long process with a bank. There will also be a certain amount of requirements that you will need to provide. This includes some legal documents and a good credit score. An Astropay card lets you skip all of this. Getting a card is as simple as signing up for a casino.

Another benefit of Astropay is its privacy. You do not need to enter your full name or home address to sign up for a card. Since you do not need to use a credit card to add funds to your account, you do not need to use your credit card info at any time.