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HiPay is a global payment provider, lending its services to startups and enterprises across the world, including PokerStars, an online poker cardroom owned by The Stars Group. The payment gateway claims that its services are more than just facilitating payments. Rather, it aims for its customers to get more out of their transactions. This means they would be able to get more conversions and to get more business opportunities.

In truth, HiPay is not one of the more famous payment providers you will find in online casinos. However, it boasts attractive features that will benefit you and your potential customers as you start your business. Learn what benefits you will get from HiPay by reading on.

5 Attractive Features of HiPay Wallet

HiPay boasts that its payment solution is easy to integrate and works on a secure platform. You will benefit from the following features, among others, once you use HiPay’s wallet:

1| Easy Setup

Setting up a HiPay wallet is easy. You just have to go to the HiPay wallet website and create an account. After confirming your account, you can then set up the back end of your online store using easy-to-use tools. On your buyer’s side, he does not have to go through complicated steps in order to purchase goods and services.

2| Support Different Currencies and Payment Methods

HiPay lets you accept payments from buyers all over the world as it accepts over 150 currencies and 220 payment methods. Your buyers can choose to pay via fiat or crypto. At the same time, they can buy goods or services through credit/debit cards like Visa or online payment cards like paysafecard.

3| Hosted Payment Page

HiPay lets your buyers check out using a hosted payment gateway method. Once your customer buys a good or a service, he will be redirected to HiPay’s website. This is where he will key in his payment method details, after which the payment will be confirmed. This method makes sure that your buyer’s info is safe on HiPay’s server.

4| Anti-Fraud System

The payment gateway ensures that your buyer’s funds and info have additional security measures. Using 3D-Secure, shoppers have to fill in additional information before checking out. These details serve as safe locks just in case they lose their cards.

5| Direct Refund

The last thing you want is for your buyer to ask for a refund. This is a long process that causes irritation to both parties. Luckily, HiPay has a direct refund function that quickly sends back your customer’s money. On your buyer’s side, he will get his money quickly. Meanwhile, you will save time from cross-checking possible refund requests.

There is no doubt that HiPay will help you grow your online business. Besides providing you with easy-to-use payment platform, it gives you the convenience of letting your potential customers buy via whatever currency and method they choose to use. Even better, you can count on transactions being secure.

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