CubitsCubits is a Bitcoin exchange site that lets you buy and sell the digital currency. It also offers an online wallet which allows you to make a deposit in almost any Bitcoin casinos.

There are many reasons why Cubits is one of the most preferred payment methods. This includes a reliable and secure service.

Background info

Cubits is a Europe based Bitcoin exchange. The team behind the company began work on the exchange at the start of 2014. On January 2015, the company launches the exchange. It is one of the few places where anyone can buy the digital currency with other payment options such as credit cards.

Cubits focus on introducing the digital currency to a wide group of people who have never heard of Bitcoin. Its team wants to make the digital currency one of the most used payment option across the globe. This is due to the team’s belief that digital currency payment is cheaper, faster, and secure than the usual payment method.

Cubits currently accept 17 different currencies. The site also takes in various payment methods that let you buy Bitcoin with your fiat money. These options are also where you can cash your funds from the exchange when you want to sell your digital currency.

Many casinos accept the exchange due to the service it offers. One of which is where the exchange will automatically turn any digital currency payment into fiat. This makes life easier for an owner where he does not have to worry about the rise and fall of the digital currency value.


There are many benefits in using Cubits to play at any Bitcoin casino. One of which is the speed of your transaction. However, the time it takes for some exchange to transfer your money to the site can take quite a while. This exchange, on the other hand, ensures that all of your payments are completed in a short amount of time.

The exchange also has a good security measure. All of its Bitcoin are in a cold storage wallet. The cold storage means that the wallet is not connecting to the internet or any computer. This ensures that there are no hackers or criminals who can easily steal your money.

To make sure that most people can easily buy and sell Bitcoin, the website has a user friendly design. Almost everyone can go through the site with fewer problems. You can easily use the exchange to make a deposit in any online Bitcoin casino thanks to the way the site works.