MasterCardMasterCard is one of the popular payment methods in online casinos. There are different kinds of cards available for you.

A MasterCard has its own set of limitations. On the other hand, it also provides certain benefits that you will not find in other payment options.

Background info

People have been using MasterCard cards since 1966. More than a million stores across the globe are taking in the card. This card is one of the earliest ways of sending money to an online gambling website.

There are three different MasterCard that you can use for online Bitcoin casino sites. One of which is the basic credit card which will let you make a deposit with credits. Essentially, you are borrowing money from the card company which you pay back on a monthly basis.

Another form of the card is a debit card. Think of debit card as a digital wallet. You will need to put some money in your digital wallet before you can make any purchase or deposit. Adding some funds to a debit card usually involves making a deposit to your card company. A debit card offers a good safeguard against cyber criminals by putting a limit to how much your card can spend on.

Finally, there are the pre-paid cards. You can easily buy these cards from stores and banks without having to go through the process of signing up for one through a bank. It is important to note that these cards are disposable. You cannot use it to withdraw your bankroll from a Bitcoin casino.

There are limitations when it comes to a card payment. One of which is through the process of signing up for a credit or debit card. Banks usually require applicants to have a good credit rating first before they can get a card.

Another limitation is the legality of online gambling in a country. Banks will not allow you to use your credit or debit card on online casinos if it is illegal to visit them. There are some casinos which may not allow card payment from people outside of the country.


The reason why MasterCard is a popular payment option is its benefits. This option is one of the few that allows you to deposit or withdraw large amounts of money. Frequently using your credit or debit card could also earn you rewards through your card company. These rewards are flyer miles or money back credits.

There are casinos that only allow you to only deposit Bitcoin to your bankroll and not withdraw it to a digital wallet. Bank deposits can take a considerable amount of time to transfer your money. On the other hand, MasterCard lets you take out your money in a short time.