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Looking for top deposit bonus casinos? Simply make an account and deposit some cash to enjoy a cool Bitcoin deposit bonus at one of the best BTC gambling sites listed below.

Best Bitcoin Casino Deposit Bonus Casinos

Over the years, we have compiled a list of some of our favorite Bitcoin casino deposit bonuses. Click on the link for more details!

mbit casino

1. mBit

MBit Casino has one of the better-looking welcome bonuses. The welcome bonus package consists of three deposit bonuses that award up to 5 BTC in bonus funds. The very first deposit bonus also includes 300 Bitcoin casino free spins. When combined with a very decent wagering requirement of 40x(bonus amount), this makes for one bonus you don’t want to miss out on.

bitstarz casino

2. BitStarz

BitStarz Casino features a bunch of decent deposit bonuses. Firstly, players get a very decent welcome bonus. The welcome bonus can award a player with up to 5BTC in bonus money. When players use up their bonus they can also go for the various reload bonuses that are available at BitStarz Casino. The wagering requirements for the bonuses are sitting at a standard 40x(bonus amount).

zoome casino

3. Zoome

Zoome Casino has a classroom example of what a welcome bonus is supposed to look like. It offers a 100% match bonus with 100 free spins with very decent wagering requirements for the bonus amount. It also offers several other bonuses (both welcome and reload) and a few other promotions.

fortunejack casino

4. FortuneJack

FortuneJack offers one of the best welcome bonuses we’ve ever seen. The welcome bonus consists of four deposit bonuses that can award up to 6 BTC all with an amazing wagering requirement of only 30x. FortuneJack also features a 50% reload bonus that can award players up to 3.5 BTC.

sapphirebet casino

5. SapphireBet

SapphireBet Casino has a pretty good welcome bonus that awards up to €1,500 (in crypto) match bonus and 150 free spins. They also offer a 50% reload bonus that can be used on slot games. Sapphirebet also offers sports deposit bonuses that are very similar to what they offer with casino bonuses.

What Are Bitcoin Casino Deposit Bonuses?

casino deposit bonus

Bitcoin casino deposit bonuses are rewards that the casino gives to the player for making a real money deposit. Bitcoin casino deposit bonuses are one of the most essential features of any online casino (Bitcoin or traditional).

A Bitcoin casino deposit bonus is a great way for the casino to show the players how much they are appreciated. In most cases, a Bitcoin casino deposit bonus will be a match bonus, a number of free spins, or a combination of both. The bonus will come into play only after the player has used up all of their real funds, which is why deposit bonuses are often referred to as parachute bonuses.

How To Claim a Deposit Bonus?

When a player claims a deposit bonus for the first time, it’s likely they are making a deposit at a new BTC casino. Claiming a deposit bonus is easy if you know what to do. Just in case, we’ve compiled a step-by-step guide about how to claim your very first deposit bonus.

  1. Create an account – The very first step is to create an account with the casino. Instant play casinos might make it a little easier for you, but in most cases, you will have to register your email address and fill out all the details.
  2. Verify your account – After you have finished the registration process, you must verify your account. This is usually done through an email address link. This is a really simple process but many players forget about it and end up having problems later down the line.
  3. Link your payment method – While you can do this after steps 4 and 5, it’s best to do it now, so you don’t waste time. In most cases, you will simply be able to link your crypto wallet with the Bitcoin casino. In some cases, however, you need to send your crypto funds to the casino wallet which will later be associated with your casino account. For fiat payments, you need to go through their own payment processes and these include: linking your credit card/e-wallet, entering your prepaid card code, logging in with Trustly, etc.
  4. Pick the bonus you want to claim – in most cases, your very first bonus is going to be the welcome bonus (also known as the first deposit bonus). This should appear on the Bitcoin casino’s promotions page (if it hasn’t already appeared on the screen right after registration and verification).
  5. Check the requirements – Make sure you understand the requirements of activating a bonus. Check the minimum deposit, the wagering requirements, the restricted games, and the maximum bet amount. If all of the above is okay with you, you can proceed to the next step.
  6. Make a deposit – By this point, you should have everything ready to make your very first deposit. Make your way to the account page and find the Deposit option. Before (or after) selecting the amount you wish to deposit, choose the bonus you wish to activate.
  7. Enter bonus code (optional) – Some Bitcoin casino bonuses will require a bonus code to activate a deposit bonus. If your casino requires a bonus code, make sure you enter it during this step. Bonus codes can most commonly be found on the casino sites themselves. If not, you can usually find them on our sites.
  8. Enjoy your bonus – After you have clicked on the SUBMIT button and your deposit has gone through, you should be the proud owner of your deposit bonus. You will be able to view your active bonus on the account page. Nothing left to do but play your games and enjoy your bonus.

How Do Bitcoin Casino Deposit Bonuses Work?

Although activating a casino deposit bonus is pretty straightforward, there’s a lot more at play here. How exactly do Bitcoin casino bonuses work? Is the money we get from these bonuses really real? Can we withdraw them right away? What is this wagering requirement anyway?

We’re going to try our best to answer all of these, and more, questions down below:

bitcoin casino deposit bonus

Bonus money is not real money

Let’s get the thing out of the way: The bonus you get from the casino isn’t real money! It is in fact Bitcoin bonus money. What does that even mean? It means that these funds have no value outside of the casino.

And yet, it is possible to turn it into real money. with a bit of patience and luck. First, you need to play with the bonus amount received and roll it over/wager it several times. Once the bonus money has been wagered enough times, it converts into real money which you should be able to withdraw.

bitcoin casino bonus

Wagering requirements

The wagering requirements show how many times the bonus money needs to be rolled over before it turns into real money. Naturally, the lower the wagering requirements, the easier it will be to turn the bonus money into real money.

In our experience, wagering requirements can make or break a deposit bonus. In most cases, the standard wagering requirement for a deposit bonus is 40x(bonus amount). This means that a deposit of $100 will need to be played through until the player has wagered $4,000 using the bonus money. This counts for both winnings and losses at the casino.

Unfortunately, a lot of casinos get greedy with the wagering requirements by setting them much higher. The worst of the worst are wagering requirements that cover both the bonus and deposit amount while trying to display it as 35x. This means that even though the wagering may look smaller than they actually are, the wagering requirements are actually double.

crypto casino bonus

Minimum deposit amount

The minimum deposit displays how much is the minimum that the player needs to make in order to qualify for a bonus. In most cases, this is a small amount, such as $20, but do note that the minimum deposit amount will not give you the whole bonus.

For example, if you are going for a 100% (up to $500) match bonus, you will only get $20 worth of bonus money. Bitcoin casino free spins, on the other hand, can be activated with only the minimum deposit but this can also depend on the Bitcoin casino itself.

bitcoin gambling sites with bonus

Maximum bet amount

The maximum bet amount is something that can often void the entire bonus without the players even realizing it. Basically, every deposit bonus will have a maximum allowed bet amount.

This is to prevent players from making huge bets, winning a huge amount of money, and meeting the wagering requirements in one lucky spin. Because of this, the maximum bet amount will usually be a small amount ($1-$5 normally).

btc casino bonus

Excluded games

Different casinos will have different rules but almost all casinos will have rules about which games you can’t play with the bonus funds.

A lot of Bitcoin and crypto casinos will simply state that no games other than slots can be used for meeting the bonus wagering requirements. Other casinos may allow players to play other games but with lower wagering contributions on non-slot titles (for example table and live casino games will only contribute 10% towards the wagering).

On the other hand, even casinos that only allow slot games can also say that some specific slots can’t be played using bonus money. Make sure you know exactly which games you can play using the bonus funds.

deposit bonus casino

Time limit

When making a deposit and claiming a bonus, players will first have to play using their real funds. Once the real funds are gone, the bonus will activate. From the moment players claim the bonus (make the deposit) the bonus timer will start.

It’s important to know exactly when the bonus will expire so you don’t accidentally forget about the bonus. On the other hand, you may just go on a winning spree for a while and lose it all, only to realize that the bonus has long since expired. Keep an eye out for the time limit of each bonus.

best casino deposit bonus

Maximum win limits

It may be tempting to activate a bonus with a bunch of funds, but it’s rarely a good idea to go all out. Casinos will have a maximum winning amount for each bonus they offer. This is usually double or triple the amount deposited. Because of this, it’s not really a good idea to deposit more than you may receive in the end if you do manage to roll over your bonus.

Types of Bonuses

Now that you understand the rules about how deposit bonuses work, we’d like to show you some bonuses. These are some of the most common bonuses that you can see at most online casinos that use cryptocurrencies. It’s important that you understand how each of them works so let us help you again.

casino match bonus

Bitcoin match bonus

This is the most common deposit bonus that you will likely see at more than 90% of all Bitcoin casinos. You can usually tell that a bonus is a match bonus by the percentage number such as 100%, 50%, 25%, and others.

A match bonus will give you a percentage of your deposit in bonus money. This bonus money will only come into play when the real money on your account has been used up. Most commonly, the Bitcoin welcome bonus will have a 100% match bonus.

bitcoin casino free spins

Bitcoin free spins bonus

Free spins are the other most common bonus you will likely see at crypto casinos. These bonuses will add free spins to some specific games. Unlike match bonuses, players will (usually) only need to make a minimum deposit in order to get free spins.

Just like match bonuses, free spins will also have wagering requirements for the winnings. When a player activates a free spin bonus, the free spins will load to the specific game. When in the game, the player will be able to make free spins.

After the spins have been used, any winnings won by the free spins need to be wagered, which means that the player will have to make more spins using the winnings. There is also a maximum bet amount for the free spin winnings.

crypto sign up bonus

Bitcoin welcome bonus

One of the most important deposit bonuses at any crypto casino is the welcome bonus. This deposit bonus is supposed to break the ice with every new casino player. The Bitcoin welcome bonus is usually the most generous award out of all other deposit bonuses.

Normally, the Bitcoin welcome bonus will have a 100% match bonus and maybe a few free spins along with it. Other times, the welcome bonus can only have free spins or it can even be just a cashback bonus.

In most cases, the Bitcoin welcome bonus sets the tone for the rest of the Bitcoin casino experience.

casino reload bonus

Bitcoin reload bonus

A reload bonus is a bonus that players get once they have used up their welcome bonus. In a lot of ways, a reload bonus is very similar to a welcome bonus, except, it’s not as generous.

In our experience, the most common type of reload bonus is either a set of free spins or a match bonus of about 50%. The reload bonuses normally have the same wagering requirements as the welcome bonuses.

casino cashback bonus

Bitcoin cashback bonus

Normally, cashback bonuses are given to players on a weekly basis. A cashback bonus can be given to all players or only to VIP members of a high enough level.

As the name suggests, a cashback bonus is a bonus that gives players a percentage of their money back based on their losses. Cashback comes in form of bonus money and usually has a small wagering requirement.

The cashback bonuses that cover all players will give about 5-10% to all players once a week. These will, most commonly, only be based on losses from slot games (and maybe scratch cards). Some Bitcoin casinos feature cashback bonuses on live casino games.

For cashback bonuses that are tied to the VIP system, players will first need to be at a high enough VIP level. The higher the VIP level, the higher the cashback amount. Usually, this can be anywhere from 2 – 20%.

casino bonus codes

Bitcoin casino bonus codes

Some Bitcoin casinos will have their bonuses activated automatically but some casinos still use the bonus code system. Players can usually find bonus codes right next to the deposit bonuses they are trying to activate or as part of Bitcoin casino reviews.

Loyal players can also get special bonus codes on their email that will activate exclusive bonuses.

sticky bonus

Bitcoin casino sticky bonuses

Most online casinos will have non-sticky bonuses. These are bonuses that activate once the player has used all their real funds. If these bonuses are wagered enough times, players can turn them into real money and withdraw them.

Sticky bonuses, on the other hand, get added to your real money balance and, in a way, stick with them. This can be confusing since players still have bonus money in their casino accounts. Unfortunately, the sticky bonus will disappear after the player has made a withdrawal or after the sticky funds expire.

In a way, sticky bonuses are like glorified demo funds. This means that players will not be able to withdraw sticky bonus funds. Make sure you know whether or not a bonus is sticky before activating a bonus.

How To Withdraw Bitcoin Casino Deposit Bonus?

Withdrawing a Bitcoin casino deposit bonus may be a little harder than expected. Let’s break things down into steps:

  1. The player must activate the bonus upon making a deposit.
  2. A player needs to lose all their real money to activate the deposit bonus.
  3. The wagering requirements of the bonus funds need to be met. This means, rolling over the bonus funds 30, 40, 50, or more times before it turns into real money.
  4. Finally, once the wagering requirements have been met, the player can withdraw the bonus funds.

However, before players can receive their first withdrawal, they may go through the casino KYC.

What is KYC?

A KYC is short for Know Your Customer. This basically means that the casino needs some background information about the player to make sure that nothing illegal is happening. In the past, a lot of people have used Bitcoin and cryptocurrency for fraud and money laundering. With KYC, a casino will know exactly who the player is and if it’s safe to issue a withdrawal.

In order to pass the KYC, players will have to provide some personal documentation such as:

  • ID card
  • Passport
  • Utility bill
  • Recent photo
  • Screenshot of an e-wallet
  • Selfie
  • Screenshot with a randomly generated number and ID card

Fortunately, crypto users won’t usually have to provide a lot of information if they link their crypto wallet account where they already did their KYC.

Other Types of Bitcoin Casino Bonuses

We talked about the most common types of deposit bonuses and now it’s time to talk about the less common ones. These bonuses either don’t require a deposit or require that a player does something else.

Bitcoin Casino No Deposit Bonus

One of the most popular types of bonuses is the Bitcoin no deposit bonus. As you can probably tell from the name itself, this bonus does not require a deposit. Because of this, a lot of players like to say that a no deposit bonus is free money.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot more to the no deposit bonus that makes it a bit more complicated.

  1. No deposit bonuses are heavily limited. They often have a maximum winning amount (about double what the no deposit bonus offers).
  2. No deposit bonuses will have double or even triple the wagering requirements that players have with regular deposit bonuses.
  3. Players may need to make a deposit at the casino before they can withdraw their no deposit amount, which is kind of ironic.
  4. No deposit bonuses will usually have a few bonus funds or a few no deposit free spins.

Bitcoin Casino Tournaments

Casino tournaments are sometimes more common than actual deposit bonuses. These limited-time events are usually tied to one or more slot games (by the same software provider). Players simply have to play the designated game(s) and earn as many winnings as possible in the allotted time.

There will usually be a leaderboard of sorts that will keep track of the top players. At the end of the tournament, the top players will receive a cash prize (or other prizes) from the prize pool.

Bitcoin Casino Faucet Bonus

While not as popular as they used to be during the beginning of the Bitcoin era, faucet bonuses are still available at some Bitcoin casinos. The term comes from the idea of a dripping faucet. A player simply needs to spend time (spend money) at the casino for the faucet bonus to work.

A very small amount of cryptocurrency will constantly be added to the player’s account through the Bitcoin faucet bonus. This way, even if players are losing money at the casino, they can still look forward to the faucet bonus.

Back in the day, casinos used to offer faucet bonuses in Bitcoin but nowadays, they will most likely offer the casino’s own cryptocurrency using the faucet bonus.

Bitcoin Casino Refer a Friend Bonus

Very self-explanatory. A player will earn a small reward if they get their friend to sign up and make a deposit at the casino. The refer a friend bonus usually isn’t that generous. Normally, players can expect a few free spins or maybe a small amount of bonus money from the casinos. Some casinos may even give the friend that signed up a bonus as well.

Bitcoin Casino Rakeback Bonus

A Rakeback bonus is a type of bonus that began in the early 2000s at poker rooms and online casinos. The idea is that players get a return of their funds based on the amount they spend at the casino (the amount they throw into the poker pot).

This type of bonus is very similar to a cashback bonus. A Rakeback bonus will usually give about 30% of the player losses back to the player. Just like the cashback bonus, a Rakeback amount will have a small wagering requirement.

Find The Best Bitcoin Deposit Bonus

If you are out there looking for the next best deposit casino bonus, it’s never a bad idea to pick the one with reasonable wagering and clear T&Cs. With so many Bitcoin casinos fighting for your time and money, always aim for the best deposit bonuses that make the whole gambling experience worthwhile!


  • Can I get a deposit bonus for free?

    No, you cannot get a deposit bonus for free. A deposit bonus, just like its name suggests, requires a deposit. A bonus that you can get without a deposit is called a no deposit bonus.

  • Can I withdraw my deposit bonus as soon as I claim it?

    No, you cannot withdraw deposit bonus funds as soon as you claim them. A deposit bonus needs to be wagered many times (about 40) before you can claim it. Also, a deposit bonus will usually activate only after your real funds have been used up.

  • What are wagering requirements?

    Wagering requirements represent how many times a player has to play through the bonus amount before it becomes available for withdrawing. Wagering requirements usually cover only the bonus amount, but some casinos also include the deposit amount (making it twice as hard to roll over). Players will need to meet the wagering requirements if they want to withdraw the bonus funds.

  • Can I claim two deposit bonuses at once?

    No, you cannot claim two deposit bonuses at once. Every Bitcoin casino we’ve ever reviewed has a rule that says that only one bonus can be activated at a time. If you manage to activate a second bonus while another bonus is active, you will probably have both of your bonuses cancelled.

  • Can I withdraw bonus funds if I don’t meet the wagering requirements?

    No, you cannot withdraw bonus funds if you didn’t meet the wagering requirements. Most casinos will not even let you withdraw funds. Those casinos that may allow you to make a withdrawal (while you still haven’t met a wagering requirement) will probably void your entire bonus because this is against their terms and services.

  • Why can’t I claim the deposit bonus?

    There are several reasons why you might be unable to withdraw a bonus amount.
    You might have a bonus already active and the casino is preventing you.
    You also need to deposit the minimum deposit amount in order to claim a bonus.
    If you still aren’t sure what the problem might be, it’s best to contact live chat customer support.

  • Can I claim a deposit bonus more than once?

    Yes, some bonuses you can claim more than once. These are usually called reload bonuses and they are available to all players once a week. Welcome bonuses are one-time-use only and cannot be claimed more than once.

  • Can I use the entire bonus amount on a single spin?

    No, you cannot. Deposit bonus amounts have their own maximum bet amounts that can be found in the bonus terms and services. Typically, the maximum bet amount per spin is €5 (can be lower or higher) so that players don’t use up their entire bonus at once.

  • I activated the bonus but it didn’t appear in my account. What should I do?

    Don’t panic if you don’t see a bonus appear in your account. The best thing to do is to contact the live chat support and see why your bonus hasn’t been activated. In most cases, the live chat support will manually activate the bonus for you.

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