MaestroMaestro is one of the reliable debit card payment methods for many online gambling sites. This is one of the longest running debit card companies that have the trust of many people across the globe.

A Maestro card offers a slew of benefits that any players can enjoy. This includes a verification code that gives you an added layer of protection against criminals.

Meet Maestro

The company behind MasterCard launched the Maestro debit card in 1992. Its debit card is almost the same as its credit card counterpart. Both cards have a card number which you enter in an online casino to make a deposit.

The difference is where the funds come from. You can make a deposit with a credit card at any time. This creates a loan from the bank company which you settle with through a monthly bill. A debit card, on the other hand, requires money in a bank account before you can make any deposit.

Benefits of Maestro

While credit cards offer convenience, Maestro offers an ease of mind in your payments. You have complete control of how much you spend on fiat or Bitcoin slot games and more. There are no monthly bills that you have to worry about. The debit card can also help any players at risk to control his gambling habits.

Another benefit of the debit card over a credit card is its low fees. Credit cards charge you with transaction fees for cash advances. A debit card does not have this kind of fee when you make any deposit.

Maestro cards can also offer security. Almost everyone is afraid of having his credit card info stolen. People that have a person’s credit card info can make any kind of purchases without the owner noticing anything. A user will only notice that his card info was stolen by seeing his monthly bill or getting a call from his bank.

A prepaid debit card allows you to prevent criminals from stealing your money if they happen to have your card info. You can do this by depositing the amount that you intend to use in online casinos. Even if someone has your card info, there is nothing for them to steal.

To further protect your funds from any criminals, Maestro lets you create your own SecureCode. Think of the code as another set of lock for your debit card. Even if someone has your credit card info or found a way to break the first lock, there is still the second lock to stop them.

You can also use the debit card in certain Bitcoin casinos that only allow the deposit of the digital currency. The card is where you can transfer your winnings. You can turn your winnings back to Bitcoin in exchanges that accept Maestro.