UkashUkash is an electronic cash company based in the UK and is one of the most accepted prepaid payment methods. The company offers prepaid cards that give you a set amount of cash which lets you make a deposit in casinos that accept the card.

As a prepaid card, Ukash offers a slew of benefits. One of which is how easy it is for you to obtain a card.

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Ukash began its payment services in 2005. The important part of the card is the 19 digit code. To make any payments or deposits, you simply enter the code in the cashier section of the site.

In 2015, the company became a part of the Skrill group. This changes the company’s prepaid voucher payment method to fit with the Paysafe card. The company stopped making the voucher in August 2015. People who still have the vouchers or the pin codes had only until the end of October 2015 to use them. The company continues on under the Paysafecard brand.

The prepaid card has its limits. You can only use it for deposits only in every casino. The card does not have any way to store any new money. If you are using Ukash in Bitcoin casinos, you can transfer your bankroll to a digital wallet instead.

Advantages of Ukash

Ukash is a convenient way for anyone to pay for anything on the internet. Many websites during the earliest period of the internet will only take credit cards or bank deposits. This can be a problem for some who cannot sign up for a card or even a bank account. This can be due to a low credit rating or the lack of documents.

There are some who may already have a credit card already. However, some owners do not want to use his cards for anything online. This can be due to fear of someone stealing his credit card info.

Ukash comes in to give everyone an alternative to credit cards. You do not need to go through a long process with a bank just to get a cash card. There are even no long lines you have to endure just to make a deposit for an account. You simply go to a retail store that is selling a card and you are all set.

The prepaid card is also a good way to play Bitcoin poker or slots without using any personal info or your credit card info. Stores will sell you a card without asking for your name or address. This is a good way for you to protect your privacy.